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Gerry Cullity's Cinderella: A Ragtime Musical
Gerry Cullity's Cinderella: A Ragtime Musical Tickets

August 18 - September 17, 2017
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 2 pm

Desert Stages Theatre Creator, Gerry Cullity put a ragtime spin on the timeless story of a long-suffering step-sister, a choosy prince and a glass slipper. Set in turn-of-last-century New York City during the height of immigration, Cullity's delightful characters are those coming from the New World in hopes of starting a new life in a foreign land. Themes of love and achieving our heart's desire against Company odds are woven through this charming rags-to-riches tale that features memorable Cullity songs like Smile Check and This Place Is Magic.

Cast List

Early Cast
Rehearsal from 4-6pm & Performing Friday Nights and Saturday Afternoons



Grace Allen Andante (C)/Newsie (O)
Nolan Allen Brandon
Kara Armstrong Fifi (O)/New Yorker (C)
Zachary Ayala New Yorker
Katherine Baier Fairy Godmother
Gemma Booker New Yorker
Stephanie Burger Andante (O)/Newsie (C)
Ava Chaffee Mimi (C) Newsie ( O)
Madison Crespo Jolie (C)/Newsie (O)
Petra Danek Vivace (C)/New Yorker (O)
Christopher Devous Alfred/New Yorker
Olivia Feldman Allegro (O)/Newsie (C)
Grace Feliciano Cinderella (O)/Newsie (C)
Zeke Feliciano McGruff (O)/New Yorker (C)
Makenna Gallagher New Yorker
Corynn Gates New Yorker
Emil Graf Boris/New Yorker
Gracie Graf New Yorker
Adelina Grotenhuis New Yorker
Zane Gulick New Yorker
Sydney Hassler Allegro (C)/Newsie (O)
Alexa Hendricksen New Yorker
Stella Hendricksen New Yorker
Maggie Hughes New Yorker
Sebastian Jablonski Herbert (C)/New Yorker (O)
Cate Johnson Babette (O)/New Yorker (C)
Autumn Jongert Jolie (O)/New Yorker (C)
Olivia Jongert Coquette (O)/New Yorker (C)
Malia Kaminski Newsie
Jordan Koeppel Presto
Arielle Kutz Babette (C)/New Yorker (O)
Emery Kutz New Yorker
Constanca Langer Fifi (C)/Newsie (O)
Savannah LeNguyen New Yorker
Cecily Lopata New Yorker
Grace Mikalsky New Yorker
Natalie Neal New Yorker
Noelle Neal New Yorker
Kimaya Rao Coquette (C)/New Yorker (O)
Angelique Restivo Rosa
Ashley Rhoads Millicent
Ava Sandifer Mimi (O)/Newsie (C)
Olivia Venteicher Cinderella (C)/Newsie (O)
Jack Weinstein Herbert (O)/Newsie (C)
Ava Williamson New Yorker
Christina Witt Newsie
Xander Zeeb McGruff (C)/New Yorker (O)
Samantha Zell Vivace (O)/Newsie (C)

Late Cast
Rehearsal from 6-8pm & Performing Saturday Nights and Sunday Afternoons



David Aboul Hosn New Yorker
Derik Aboul Hosn McGruff (O)/New Yorker (C)
Jannesa Bencomo Jolie (C)/New Yorker (O)
Kellyn Broerman Newsie
Chase Buchholz New Yorker
Delaney Buchholz New Yorker
Annie Bugbee New Yorker
Austin Butler Andante (O)/Newsie (C)
Berkeley Butler Coquette (O)/New Yorker (C)
Katrina Butler Millicent (C)/Newsie (O)
Cate Carlino Fairy Godmother (O)/Newsie (C)
Kathryne Cassil-Mortenson New Yorker
Sophia Chouinard New Yorker
Baylee Clore Newsie
Rylie Clore Newsie
Dylann Cox Newsie
Owen Donsker Vivace (C)/New Yorker (O)
Kennedy Frakes Babette (C)/Newsie (O)
Chantel Frankson Newsie
Caitlyn Freeman Fairy Godmother (C)/Newsie (O)
Olivia Hizme Andante (C)/Newsie (O)
Samantha Hizme Newsie
Amelia Hycnar New Yorker
Austin Kaye Presto (C)/New Yorker (O)
Caprice Kennedy Coquette (C)/New Yorker (O)
Jacob Krotonsky Alfred/New Yorker
Sadie Krotonsky Mimi (C ) Newsie (O)
Jared Lara Brandon
Tiffany LaVoie New Yorker
Macie Logan Millicent's Assistant
Sam Markson Boris/New Yorker
Drea Metzger New Yorker
Tabitha Momeyer Fifi (C)/Newsie (O)
Ryan Morales New Yorker
Kylee Novack Babette (O)/Newsie (C)
Brielle Quintana Allegro (C)/Newsie (O)
Allison Rhee Newsie
Bridget Rhee Rosa (C)/Newsie (O)
Ashley Rhoads Newsie
Karyme Rivas New Yorker
Allie Rose Fifi (O)/Newsie (C)
Matthew Sheade McGruff (C)/New Yorker (O)
Kaylin Sherrill Jolie (O)/New Yorker (C)
Katelyn Sullivan New Yorker
Nathan Sullivan Herbert
Erin Tarkington Cinderella (O)/Newsie (C)
Cassidy Veale New Yorker
Jamie Villarreal Millicent (O)/Newsie (C)
Brierly Wand Newsie
Jeffrey Wentworth Allegro (O)/Newsie (C)
Melissa Wentworth Vivace (O)/Newsie (C)
Sarah Jane Wentworth Rosa (O)/Newsie (C)
Annabel Wentworth Mimi (O)/Newsie (C)
Peyton Woolf Cinderella (C)/Newsie (O)
Jack Yampolsky Presto (O)/Newsie (C)