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Fiddler on the Roof
Fiddler on the Roof

January 10th - February 8th, 2014
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 2 pm (No Matinee Sat., Jan. 11)

If I were a rich man…so sings Tevye, a Jewish milkman in 1900s Russia in one of the longest running and most beloved musicals in Broadway history.  Life is hard for Tevye, Golde his wife of twenty five years and their five daughters.  But even as traditions wane, they find life is still worth celebrating.  L’chai-im!

Raves & Reviews

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-David Appleford, 99.9 KEZ


-Eland Relic, Valley Stages

Cast List



Cara  Shearer The Fiddler/Villager
Tony  Blosser Tevye, the Dairyman
Marie  Gouba Golde, his wife
Ashlee  Renee Tzeitel, his daughter
Caroline  Noonan Hodel, his daughter
Harley  Barton Chava, his daughter
Caitlyn  Freeman Shprintze, his daughter
Talia  Novack Bielke, his daughter
Ginger  Muth Yente, the Matchmaker
Manny  Quijada Motel, the Tailor
Jared  West Perchik, the Student
Ted  Frumkin Lazar Wolf, the Butcher
Dan  Ashlock Mordcha, the Innkeeper
Rich  Weschrob Rabbi
Mark  Honaker Avram, the Bookseller
Erika  Hanson Yussel
Laurie  Dickman Shaindel, Motel’s Mother
Lauren  Berkley Grandma Tzeitel/Villager
Carolyn  Paski Fruma-SarahVillager
Jerry  Whiting Constable
Andy  Albrecht Fyedka, a Russian/Bottle Dancer
Zach  Pepe Vladamir, a Russian/Bottle Dancer
Kyle  C Green Sasha, a Russian/Bottle Dancer
Megan  Davis Villager/Chavela Dream Daughter
Marissa  Rodgers Villager/Chavela Dream Daughter
Genesis  Cuen Villager/Chavela Dream Daughter
Quinlyn  Ashlock Villager
Zachary  Astrowsky Villager
Claire  Goux Villager
Lia  Hunyady Villager
Ally  Koeppel Villager
Ross  Nemeth Villager
Jared  Lara Villager
Emily  Pawluck Villager
Allie  Rose Villager
Meryl  Rose Villager
Dani  Topel Villager
Matthew  Villareal Villager