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Disney's Little Mermaid Jr.
Disney's Little Mermaid Jr.

February 22nd - March 24th, 2013
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 1 pm & 3 pm

The beloved musical occurs in the depths of the sea with the adventurous mermaid, Ariel, who schemes to leave her sea life behind for land.  On the quest with friend, the reggae-singing crab Sebastian by her side, it takes all of her courage to make her dreams comes true and outwit the sneaky sea witch, Ursula.

Cast List

Early Cast
Rehearsal from 4-6pm & Performing Friday Nights and Saturdays



Madeline Alfano Ariel (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Luna Anderson Sea Creature
Asher Angel Flounder (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Marcella Anglim Sailor/Sea Creature
Brooke Apana Adella (C )/Princess (O)
Cha Cha Aranas Jr. Seahorse (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Gabby Astrowsky Sea Horse (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Abby Bare Sea Creature
Annie Barget Flotsam (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Matteson Beckis Atina (C)/Princess (O)
Stokley Berg Prince Eric (O)/Sailor/ Sea Creature (C)
Rachel Berry Carlotta (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Matthew Bishop Grimsby (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Natalie Brothen Chef 1/Sea Creature
Hannah Brown Sea Creature
Katrina Butler Chef 2/Sea Creature
Cate Carlino Scuttle (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Elle Christensen Sailor/Sea Creature
Emma Coles Allana (C)/Princess (O )
John Coles Pilot (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Nellie Decker Chef 3/Sea Creature
Sophia Denham Sea Creature
Zachary Denious Scuttle (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
McKenna Dersam Adella (O)/Princess (C)
George Dillon Sailor/Sea Creature
Sissy Dillon Sea Creature
Jenna Dubnow Sea Creature
Lauren Eby Sailor/Sea Creature
Claire Faulkner Sailor/Sea Creature
Kaleigh Feuerstein Atina (O)/Princess (C)
Bree Fleming Ursula (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Hope Fogle Chef 4/Sea Creature
Sienna Fragale Sea Creature
Caitlyn Freeman Chef Louie (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Ava Ganz Sea Creature
Emjay Graves Scuttle's Gulls (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Jaden Grossman Jetsam (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Cameron Grove Sailor/Sea Creature
Darlington Guess Sailor/Sea Creature
Ella Hoffman Sea Creature
Naomi Jarvis Sea Creature
Hannah Jarvis Andrina (O)/Princess (C)
Elizabeth Johnston Aquata (O)/Princess (C)
Ally Koeppel Sea Horse (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Olivia La Porte Scuttle's Gulls (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Lindsay Lampert Chef 5/Sea Creature
Jared Lara Sebastion (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Jordan Lara Sailor/Sea Creature
Samantha Luckey Sea Creature
Kendall Luther Scuttle's Gulls (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Hannah Lytle Sailor/Sea Creature
Marissa Mandalfino Chef 6/Sea Creature
Jonathon Marriott Sea Creature
Olivia Marriott Sea Creature
Halle McBride Sea Creature
Brielle Mercure Sea Creature
Natasha Milligan Andrina (C)/Princess (O)
Ryan Morales Sailor/Sea Creature
Maya Morrissey Jr. Seahorse (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Riki Morrissey Sailor/Sea Creature
Jacob Moyer King Triton
Nicholas Navarro Pilot (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Elysha Nemeth Ariel (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Ross Nemeth Flounder (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Sarah Pansing Sebastion (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Alivia Pautz Sea Creature
Ava Pautz Sea Creature
Rylee Pfeiff Sea Creature
Alaine Pimsner Chef 7/Sailor/Sea Creature
Grayson Poole Prince Eric (C)/Sailor/ Sea Creature (O)
Alexandra Rahman Arista (O)/Princess (C)
Sophia Reichelt Jetsam (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Mary Roberts Aquata (C)/Princess (O)
Ava Sandifer Scuttle's Gulls (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Nicolette Sciortino Scuttle's Gulls (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Madeline Smith Chef 8/Sea Creature
Jenni Steinberg Scuttle's Gulls (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Jaquelyn Swartz Ursula (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Kasey Swartz Scuttle's Gulls (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Savannah Tate Arista (C)/Princess (O)
Olivia Taylor Sea Creature
Sierra Tiller-Davis Sailor/Sea Creature
Sofia Toro Chef Louie (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Jamie Villarreal Carlotta (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Matthew Villarreal Grimsby (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Chloe Wade Sailor/Sea Creature
Emerson Weinstein Sea Creature
Caroline Wells Allana (O)/Princess (C)
Jaden Yonover Flotsam (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Mimi Yonover Scuttle's Gulls (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Ivy Zastrow Sea Creature
Lexi Zastrow Sea Creature

Late Cast
Rehearsal from 6-8pm & Performing Saturday Nights and Sundays



Kristin Alba Allana (O)/Princess (C)
Morgan Baltzell Jr. Seahorse (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Harley Barton Ursula (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Wyland Barton Grimsby (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Sarah Bisaro Chef 1/Sea Creature
Elyssa Blonder Ariel (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Addison Bowman Ariel (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Lilly Brandt Scuttle's Gulls (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Dani Burley Arista (C)/Princess (O)
Kathleen Burns Sailor/Sea Creature
Austin Butler Flounder (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Kessley Butler Sebastion (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Alex Candela Sailor/Sea Creature
Haley Cohn Sebastian (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Connor Copic King Triton
Clancy Coulter Andrina (O)/Princess (C)
Ryan Cutler Sailor/Sea Creature
Brendan Dallaire Pilot (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Taylor Davis Arista (O)/Princess (C)
Lizzie Davis Chef 2/Sea Creature
TJ DeHart Grimsby (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Tommy Fickera Sea Creature
Haley Hanni Jetsam (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Nathan Harrington Prince Eric (O)/Sailor/ Sea Creature (C)
Kennedy Hayes Chef 3/Sea Creature
Kasey Hernandez Adella (O)/Princess (C)
Sabrina Hirshorn Sailor/Sea Creature
Jenna Hollerbach Sea Creature
Kaylee Hollerbach Sea Creature
Ashley Hooks Scuttle's Gulls (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Sebastian Jablonski Sailor/Sea Creature
Ariana Jaramillo Flotsam (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Cassandra Jaramillo Sea Creature
Victoria Jaramillo Sea Creature
Jessica Jenkins Aquata (O)/Princess (C)
Mikayla Jensen Chef 4/Sea Creature
Isabella Johnson Sailor/Sea Creature
Sophia Johnson Sea Creature
Ashley Kaye Sailor/Sea Creature
Austin Kaye Sailor/Sea Creature
Katie Knipp Sailor/Sea Creature
Julia Kozinets Sea Creature
Phoebe Kozinets Sailor/Sea Creature
Travis Lace Sailor/Sea Creature
Angelina Larsen Sailor/Sea Creature
Stephanie Larson Adella (C)/Princess (O)
Carly Longbottom Sea Creature
Andrew Malone Sailor/Sea Creature
Eva Malone Sea Creature
Madeline Manning Chef 5/Sea Creature
Alicia McCullough Atina (C)/Princess (O)
Olivia Medina Sea Creature
Wesley Minniear Sailor/Sea Creature
Casie Nathanson Sailor/Sea Creature
Kylee Novack Sea Creature
Talia Novack Flounder (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Bo Obrasky Jr. Seahorse (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Estee Oglesbee Andrina (C)/Princess (O)
Faith Oltrogge Sea Creature
Josie Panczyk Sea Creature
Camille Patterson Sea Creature
Emily Pawluk Scuttle's Gulls (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Ryan Perry Chef 6/Sea Creature
Gabby Peterson Sea Creature
Jillian Pond Scuttle's Gulls (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Alice Pratt Carlotta (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Louie Pratt Chef Louie (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Rachel Redleaf Ursula (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Ashley Rhoads Carlotta (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Abbey Raye Richmond Scuttle's Gulls (C)/Sea Creature (O)
Bree Rigberg Sea Horse (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Olivia Roberts Chef 7/Sailor/Sea Creature
Ariana Rodriguez Scuttle's Gulls (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Allie Rose Scuttle's Gulls (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Foster Sluga Sailor/Sea Creature
Grace Sluga Sailor/Sea Creature
Katherine Sprowls Scuttle (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Lauren Sprowls Scuttle's Gulls (O)/Sea Creature (C)
Allison Anne Steward Alana (C)/Princess (O)
Matthew Donald Steward Pilot (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Patrick Steward Prince Eric (C)/Sailor/ Sea Creature (O)
Thomas William Steward Scuttle (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Libby Stiles Aquata (C )/Princess (O)
Kayla Stillman Jetsam (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Katelyn Subia Sea Creature
Lauren Subia Chef 8/Sea Creature
Erin Tarkington Atina (O)/Princess (C)
Dani Topel Chef Louie (C)/Sailor/Sea Creature (O)
Bridgett Troxell Sea Horse (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Hayley Trueman Flotsam (O)/Sailor/Sea Creature (C)
Livia Venier Sea Creature
McKenna Wiand Sea Creature
Dejia Wilkins Sea Creature