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Bye Bye Birdie
Bye Bye Birdie

April 11th - May 4th, 2014
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 2 pm
No shows on Saturday April 26 - additional performances on Sunday April 27 at 6pm and Thursday May 1 at 7:30

A bubbly musical classic that harkens to days of innocence.  When Elvis-like heartthrob Conrad Birdie offers a contest to kiss one girl in America before he ships off to the army, the scene turns to the winner from Ohio, and the zany reactions to her winning.  The show resounds with classic musical theatre numbers such asA Lot of Livin' to Do andPut on a Happy Face.

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Bye Bye Birdie

-Gil Benbrook,

Cast List



Kristin  Alba Penelope
Annie  Barget Sweet Apple Teen
Lisa  Barton Mae Peterson (Black cast)
Joshua  Bennett Karl/Sweet Apple Teen
Stokely  Berg Freddie/Sweet Apple Teen (Black cast)/Hugo (Pink cast)
Addison  Bowman Kim (Black cast)/Sweet Apple Teen (Pink cast)
Austin  Butler Harvey Johnson
Dillan  Butler Sweet Apple Adult (Black cast)/Mr. McAfee (Pink cast)
Kessley  Butler Sweet Apple Teen (Black cast)/Mae Peterson (Pink cast)
Cate  Carlino Margie
Haley  Cohn Sweet Apple Teen (Black cast)/Kim (Pink cast)
Lizzie  Davis Sweet Apple Teen
Megan  Davis Mrs. Merkle/Sweet Apple Adult/Happy Face Dancer
McKenna  Dersam Sweet Apple Teen
Eila  Elton Sweet Apple Teen
Jacob  Emnett Albert (Black cast)/Sweet Apple Adult (Pink cast)
Megan  Farinella Rose Alvarez (Black cast)/Sweet Apple Teen (Pink cast)
Briana  Fleming Sweet Apple Teen/Happy Face Dancer
Caitlyn  Freeman Sweet Apple Teen
Chantel  Frankson Sweet Apple Teen
Claire  Goux Sweet Apple Adult (Black cast)/Mrs. McAfee (Pink cast)
Anissa  Griego Sweet Apple Teen (Black cast)/Rose Alvarez (Pink cast)
Shilah  Groff Mrs. McAfee (Black cast)/Sweet Apple Adult (Pink cast)
Hannah  Jarvis Sweet Apple Teen
Elizabeth  Johnston Sweet Apple Teen
Tony  Julian Mr. McAfee (Black cast)/Sweet Apple Adult (Pink cast)
Andrew  Lull Sweet Apple Adult (Black cast)/Albert (Pink cast)
Keegan  Luther Mayor/Sweet Apple Adult
Natasha  Milligan Nancy
Hannah  Novack Helen
Sarah  Pansing Alice
Zach  Pepe Hugo (Black cast)/Freddie/Sweet Apple Teen (Pink cast)
Louie  Pratt Sweet Apple Teen
Megan  Sawyer Gloria Rasputen (Black cast)/Sweet Apple Teen (Pink cast)
Jackie  Scibetta Sweet Apple Teen
Katy  Sprowls Deborah Sue
Libby  Stiles Sweet Apple Teen (Black cast)/Gloria Rasputen (Pink cast)
Jaquelyn  Swartz Mayor's Wife/Sweet Apple Adult
Kayana  Sweeney Mrs. Johnson/Sweet Apple Adult
Erin  Tarkington Ursula (Black cast)/Sweet Apple Teen (Pink cast)
Greer  Tornquist Sweet Apple Teen
Matthew  Villareal Maude the Bartender/Sweet Apple Adult
Sarah Jane  Wentworth Sweet Apple Teen/Happy Face Dancer
Jack  Yampolsky Randolph
Jeremy  Yampolsky Conrad Birdie
Jordan  Yampolsky Sweet Apple Teen (Black cast)/Ursula (Pink cast)