In The Kingdom of Clouds

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Gerry Cullity

Two-Act Book, Rated PG
Running time: approx. 100 minutes

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The Kingdom of Clouds


Mad Max meets Cirque du Soleil in this lyrical rock opera by Gerry Cullity. In a war-ravaged Earth of the future, the children have lost their spirit and their ability to imagine. Therefore, they can no longer visualize the clouds as familiar images when they look to the sky. The Queen of the Clouds, Cumulus, determines she must send her only son, Cirrus, to Earth in order to save the children, who are barely surviving amongst the feuding bands of remaining children.

The stormy clouds interrupt the meeting, and Cumulus' brother, Thunderhead, announces he will do everything in his power to keep Cirrus from being successful. This is his opportunity to finally be more powerful than his "perfect" sister.

Several cloud stowaways join Cirrus on his journey to earth, including his childhood friend, Aurora, who has come to the sad realization that they will never be more than friends. Once on Earth, Cirrus finds the innocent children and their caretaker, Claire, living in constant fear of their enemies, the Nomad Runners. Claire and Cirrus have an instant connection, causing a jealous Aurora to help the Nomad Runners in their efforts to destroy Claire and the children.

In the meantime, Claire and Cirrus work to restore the children's spirits. The children begin to come alive again due to the power of music. Before long, they are able to work together and begin to build a new place on Earth for themselves.

The impending battle between the Nomad Runners and the children takes place, resulting in many deaths, including that of Claire. Seeing the misery she has caused, Aurora makes the choice to trade her life for Claire's and everyone is given the chance to go back in time to before the battle. This time, choices are made that restore the hope for Earth and it's children. The children once again see the clouds taking on shapes, and the promise for a better tomorrow is fulfilled.

Song List:



Something Is Wrong Nimbus, Stratus
Entrance of the Clouds Nimbus, Stratus, Clouds, Cumulus
In Its Time Dolcus, Clouds
Rock, Roll, and Thunder Thunderhead, Elements, Cumulus
Come Home to Me Cumulus, Clouds
Tomorrow Cirrus
You and I Aurora, Cirrus
Looking Back at You Aurora
Wouldn't It Be Somethin' Nimbus, Stratus, Aurora
Changin' Dolcus, Cirrus, Clouds
Flashlight Dance Nomad Runners
Anthem Nomad Runners, Axel, Wingnut, Claire
The Arrival Cirrus, Dolcus, Nimbus, Stratus, Claire, Aurora, Nomad Runners
What Do You Think? Nimbus, Stratus, Claire, Cirrus
When I Looked into Your Eyes Cirrus, Claire
(It Must Be) A Man Thing Aurora
The Pact Thunderhead, Aurora
Let Me Join You Aurora, Wingnut, Axel, Nomad Runners
This Is Our Time Axel, Nomad Runners
These Are the Children Claire
A Song to Teach You Cirrus, Dolcus
(Then You Gotta Be) Lightning Thunderhead, Aurora, Axel, Wingnut, Nomad Runners
Feel the Rhythm Modem, Nimbus, Stratus, Cirrus, Claire
The Song of Life Company
Work Claire, Cirrus, Steel Settlers, Axel, Aurora, Wingnut, Nomad Runners, Modem
The Letter Modem, Axel, Nomad Runners, Thunderhead, Aurora
Right in the Middle Dolcus, Steel Settlers
(You're My) Baby Claire, Wingnut, Aurora
From Now On Cirrus, Claire, Axel, Company
The Meeting Nimbus, Stratus, Claire, Axel, Aurora
The Battle Steel Settlers, Nomad Runners
After All This Time Aurora, Cirrus, Claire
The Intervention Clouds, Cumulus
From Now On (Reprise) Company

Casting Information:

A large cast of performers (40+) may be used to perform this musical.

An ensemble of 28 or larger (4 Elements, 8 Clouds, 8 Nomad Runners, 8 Steel Settlers) is suggested.

Lead Characters include:

Cirrus: Cumulus' son
Claire: Leader of the Steel Settlers
Aurora: Lifelong friend of Cirrus
Cumulus: Ruler of the Clouds
Thunderhead: Cumulus' younger sibling, Ruler of the Elements
Axel: Leader of Nomad Runners
Dolcus: Mystical ageless "shape changer"
Nimbus: Young mischievous child
Stratus: Young mischievous child
Wingnut: Girlfriend of Axel
Modem: Inquisitive energetic child

Show Photos:

Click HERE to view photos from our 2007 production of In The Kingdom of Clouds.