Cinderella -- A Ragtime Musical

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Gerry Cullity

Two-Act Book, Rated PG
Running time: approx. 100 minutes

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Desert Stages Theatre Creator, Gerry Cullity put a ragtime spin on the timeless story of a long-suffering step-sister, a choosy prince and a glass slipper. Set in turn-of-last-century New York City during the height of immigration, Cullity's delightful characters are those coming from the New World in hopes of starting a new life in a foreign land. Themes of love and achieving our heart's desire against Company odds are woven through this charming rags-to-riches tale that features memorable Cullity songs like Smile Check and This Place Is Magic.

Song List:



This Place Is Magic Company
Bing it a Bang it a Boom! The Mice
(Mine is) A Syncopated Life Brandon
Smile Check Cinderella, Mice, McGruff, Babette, Company
Every Smile (Cinderella’s Prayer) Cinderella
Newsie Song The Newsies
Something Magic’s Happening (In Tinsel Town Tonight) Cinderella, Rosa, Fifi, Mimi, Milicent, Herbert, Brandon, Godmother, Newsies, Company
It Isn’t Easy Being Perfect Rosa
Look Out There Godmother
Raggin’ It Godmother, Cinderella, Mice, McGruff, Babette, Cinderella, Brandon, Rosa, Fifi, Mimi, Milicent, Herbert, Company
A Woman’s Work Milicent
Dancing Company
Nobody Likes to Be Lonely Fifi, Mimi
Your Song Brandon, Cinderella
Bing it a Bang it a Boom! (Reprise) Mice
Happily Ever After Godmother, Company

Casting Information:

Principal Characters include:
CINDERELLA - Down-trodden Italian girl who dreams of a better life
BRANDON CHARMING – Wealthy, free-spirited young man searching for a wife
ROSA ANDOLINI – Cinderella’s abusive stepmother
GODMOTHER – The spirit who watches over Cinderella
ANDANTE – An Italian mouse who is friends with Cinderella
ALLEGRO – An Italian mouse who is friends with Cinderella
PRESTO – An Italian mouse who is friends with Cinderella
VIVACE – An Italian mouse who is friends with Cinderella
MILICENT CHARMING – Brandon’s interfering, controlling mother
HERBERT CHARMING – Brandon’s passive father
FIFI ANDOLINI – Cinderella’s “kinda cute” stepsister
MIMI ANDOLINI – Cinderella’s “kinda cute” stepsister

Supporting Characters include:
McGRUFF – A Scottish dog who travels to America with Cinderella
BABETTE – A French poodle who is the object of McGruff’s affection
ALFRED– The Charming’s butler
BORIS – The Charming’s servant

Ensemble Characters include:

Show Photos:


Click HERE to view photos from our 2008 production of Cinderella: A Ragtime Musical.

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