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Alice In Wonderland

Adaptation by Gerry Cullity
Lyrics and Music by Gerry Cullity
Adapted from the book by Lewis Carroll

Two-Act Book, Rated G
Adapted for young performers. Running time: approx. 70 minutes

Song List
Casting Information
Show Photos

Alice In Wonderland


Take a mad, musical romp through Wonderland with this original Gerry Cullity musical, adapted from the whimsical tale by Lewis Carroll. A tumble down a rabbit's hole leads Alice to a curious playground filled with fantastic characters like a grinning Cheshire Cat, an eccentric Mad Hatter, the rapping duo of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and, of course, the bossy Queen of Hearts. Join Alice and the Mad Hatter for a mad tea party; watch your favorite playing cards paint the roses red; discover if the Knave of Hearts truly stole some tarts-just don't cross the Queen of Hearts! Parents love sharing this childhood story-turned-musical with their children.

Song List:



Into Your Life A Wonderland Company
Through the Looking Glass Alice
Muddle Fuddle Me White Rabbit, Alice
The Walrus and the Carpenter Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, Walrus, Carpenter, Oysters
The Cheshire Cat Cheshire Cat, Company
Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts, Company

Casting Information:

A large cast of performers (40+) may be used to perform this musical. Characters include:

Alice: A girl who travels through Wonderland. Heavy speaking. Principal role.
Narrators: Clarify the story. Heavy speaking. Principal role.
White Rabbit: A worried rabbit who helps Alice in Wonderland. Principal role.
Queen of Hearts: A Queen who meets Alice . Good rhythm needed. Principal role.
Cheshire Cat: A happy cat who meets Alice . Good dancer. Principal role.
Mad Hatter: Person who loves tea and speaks in a funny voice. Principal role.
March Hare: Mad Hatter's tea partner; crazy and funny. Principal role.
Tweedle Dee: Tweedle Dum's "other half." Must rap. Principal role.
Tweedle Dum: Tweedle Dee's "other half." Must rap. Principal role.
Caterpillar: A strange insect that helps Alice.
The Duchess: A crazy Duchess who had a baby.
The Walrus: A character in Tweedle Dee and Dum's story. Must rap.
The Mouse: A mouse Alice meets in Wonderland
Mother: The mother of the flowers.
The King: Queen of Heart's husband.
The Door: A "living" piece of scenery that moves. Non-speaking.
Dormouse: An absent-minded mouse who lives in a teapot.
The Baby: Duchess' baby. Non-speaking; makes noises.
Cook: Duchess' cook. Non-speaking.
Pat: A rabbit who works for the White Rabbit.
Bill: A rabbit who works for the White Rabbit.
Pigeon: A pigeon with a heavy lisp.
The Jabberwock: A creature chased by Battling Squire. Non-speaking.
Battling Squire: A squire who hunts the Jabberwock.
The Carpenter: A character in Tweedle Dee and Dum's story. Must rap.
The Oysters: Characters in Tweedle Dee and Dum's story.
Jane: Alice 's older sister.
Dinah: Alice 's pet cat.
Five of Hearts: A card that works for the Queen of Hearts.
Seven of Hearts A card that works for the Queen of Hearts.
The Juror: The juror for the trial.
The Dodo: A bird Alice meets in Wonderland.
The Eaglet: An eagle Alice meets in Wonderland.
Fury: A kind of dog Alice meets in Wonderland.
A Lily: Clarify the story. Heavy speaking. Principal role.
A Rose: A flower Alice meets.
A Daisy: A flower Alice meets.
The Trees: Four trees Alice meets in Wonderland.
The Knave: A card who is being put on trial.
Guard: A guard for the Queen of Hearts.

Show Photos:

Alice In Wonderland

Click HERE to view photos from our 2007 production of Alice in Wonderland.