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Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre operates with the help of a talented staff and a dedicated and valuable team of enthusiastic volunteers. We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation that derives its funding through ticket sales, private donations and grants. We welcome your financial contribution or volunteer efforts. And we especially encourage you to discover for yourself the magic that is found at Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre.

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Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre exists to create "moments"-that instant in time when an actor truly connects with his audience on a human level. For the actor, it is a time of self-fulfillment; for the audience, it is a time when hearts are touched. It is a moment that is special. A moment that empowers. A moment that creates change.

Our vision is to provide as many actors as possible with the opportunities to experience these "moments"; to explore and expand their creative talents and their dreams; to entertain; to develop and nourish their love and appreciation for theatre; and to enrich-and maybe even change-lives through this theatrical experience.