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Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre

Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre, an award-winning non-profit performing arts theatre, is in its 15th terrific season of shows! Three performance troupes provide entertainment on two separate stages at this Theatre's performing arts complex, located near downtown Scottsdale. Cullity Hall (with actors of all ages) and Children's Theatre productions (with actors, ages 3 to 19) are presented in its 136-seat theatre-in-the-round; while small-cast Actor's Café productions are presented in an intimate 60-seat cabaret-style theatre. All performances are at Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre, located at 4720 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, at the southwest corner of E. Highland Ave. and N. Scottsdale Rd. For tickets or to become a Cullity Hall season subscriber, contact the Theatre Box Office: (480) 483-1664.

Actor's Cafe Productions
DST Cafe Cabaret
DST Special Engagement
Mainstage Productions
Next Stage Productions
On Stage Productions

Actor's Cafe Productions

Actor's Cafe ticket prices are $25 for adults & $22 seniors and students.


The Last 5 Years
The Last 5 Years

March 21st - May 18th, 2014
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2 pm

Jamie and Cathy tell the story of their failed five-year relationship but in an unusual twist, Jamie tells it from the beginning to the end; Cathy tells it from the end to the beginning. Poignantly the timelines intersect in the middle, making it the only time the characters directly interact. Winner of numerous awards, the true story of The Last Five Years is an emotionally charged and moving musical drama.

Raves & Reviews

Jimmy Shoffman Returns to Desert Stages Theatre in THE LAST 5 YEARS, Now thru 5/18


Last Five Years' offers intimacy with an abstract form

-Michelle Hoffman, The Arizona Republic

Biloxi Blues
Biloxi Blues

June 6th - July 27th, 2014
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2 pm

When Brooklyn’s Eugene Morris Jerome is drafted into the Army during World War II, he is sent a world away for boot camp…to Deep South Biloxi, Mississippi!  Neil Simon’s autobiographical coming-of-age comedy is as brash and hilarious today as when it made its Los Angeles premiere more than 30 years ago!

Mainstage Productions

Mainstage ticket prices are $25 for adults & $22 seniors and students.



July 11th - August 3rd, 2014
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Saturday & Sundays at 2 pm (No Sat. Matinee 7/19)

The music is tantalizing and the drinks are plenty as lives intertwine in a dingy prewar 1930s Berlin café.   British singer Sally Bowles entrances patrons with Academy Award winning musical numbers including “Money, Money”, “Maybe This Time”; and signature song “Cabaret.”   It’s seedy, it’s bawdy, it’s Cabaret!  Willkommen!

Next Stage Productions

Next Stage ticket prices are $18.


Bye Bye Birdie
Bye Bye Birdie

April 11th - May 4th, 2014
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 2 pm
No shows on Saturday April 26 - additional performances on Sunday April 27 at 6pm and Thursday May 1 at 7:30

A bubbly musical classic that harkens to days of innocence.  When Elvis-like heartthrob Conrad Birdie offers a contest to kiss one girl in America before he ships off to the army, the scene turns to the winner from Ohio, and the zany reactions to her winning.  The show resounds with classic musical theatre numbers such asA Lot of Livin' to Do andPut on a Happy Face.

On Stage Productions

On Stage ticket prices are $15.


Disney's Aladdin Jr.
Disney's Aladdin Jr.

May 16th - June 22nd, 2014
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 1 & 3 pm

Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment, where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! All of your favorite characters are here in this stage adaptation of the Disney hit, including Aladdin, Jasmine, and of course, the Genie. Filled with magic, mayhem, and flying carpet rides, audiences' spirits will soar with excitement. Most of all, the tuneful, Academy award-winning score with songs including "A Whole New World" and "Friend Like Me" will certainly make this musical a favorite for many years to come!

Cast List

Early Cast
Rehearsal from 4-6pm & Performing Friday Nights and Saturdays



Asher Angel Aladdin (Opening)/Prince Baba (Closing)
Sarah Astrowsky Pottery Seller (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Gabby Astrowsky Shopkeeper 2 (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Mason Babione Palace Maiden
Annie Barget Magic Carpet (Closing)/Royal Harem (Opening)
Elina Beyer Merchant
Natalie Blum Shopkeeper 1 (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Daniel Breuer Gazeem (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Linnea Cross Merchant
McKenna Dersam Jasmine (Opening)/Royal Harem (Closing)
Julienne DeSanto Jewerlry Seller (Opening)/ Palace Maiden (Closing)
Sarah Dowd Royal Harem
Wyatt Eastman Sultan (Opening)/Guard (Closing)
Ella Eastman Fish Seller (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Duncan Ellett Prince Achmed (Opening)/Guard (Closing)
Eila Elton Royal Harem
Ashley Evans Merchant
Kathryn Falkner Abu (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Briana Fleming Genie (Opening)/Royal Harem
Caitlyn Freeman Iago (Opening)/Royal Harem
Lilly Gabler Fish Seller (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Livia Goodman Merchant
Emjay Graves Royal Harem
Grace Helenic Royal Harem
Jenna Hollerbach Proprietor (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Zana Hubel Begger Child (Closing)/ Merchant (Opening)
Zak Hubel Guard
Sebastian Jablonski Razoul
Hannah Jarvis Royal Harem
Naomi Jarvis Merchant
Gwen Kainass Rajah (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Macie Kerwin Shopkeeper 2 (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Rebecca Konchan Jasmine (Closing)/Royal Harem (Opening)
Jared Lara Aladdin (Closing)/Prince Baba (Opening)
Jordan Lara Prince Achmed (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Brianna Lieberthal Merchant
Brendon Lieberthal Merchant
Maddie Lucas Merchant
Emma Lucas Merchant
Jessica Manchester Merchant
Yasmin Maurice Fruit Seller (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Leah Miller Shopkeeper 1 (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Ryan Milner Guard
Lauren Milner Merchant
Dio Molino Lieutenant Guard (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Ryan Morales Gazeem (Opening)/Guard (Closing)
Caroline Moriarty Jewerlry Seller (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Niamh Murphy Royal Harem
Amanda Norris Nut Seller (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Bo O'Brasky Abu (Opening)/ Merchant (Closing)
Jack O'Brasky Lieutenant Guard (Opening)/Guard (Closing)
Erin O'Donahue Sultan (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Rylee Pfeiff Merchant
Ryan Raskin Merchant
Courtney Reeves Royal Harem
Ashlee Renee Genie (Closing)/Royal Harem (Opening)
Peyton Resto Guard
Nelly Lou Resto Merchant
Kathryn Robinson Royal Harem
Jade Rosenthal Merchant
Sarah Salem Merchant
Ava Sandifer Fruit Seller (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Gabrielle Smith Merchant
Jenni Steinberg Magic Carpet (Opening)/Royal Harem (Closing)
Paige Teevan Begger Child (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Eden Tornquist Pottery Seller (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Greer Tornquist Royal Harem
Fiona Treadway Begger Child (Opening)/ Merchant (Closing)
Sophia Vanella Nut Seller (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Matthew Villarreal Jafar
Jamie Villarreal Royal Harem
Macie Wilbur Rajah (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Hudson Wilbur Begger Child (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Lanie Witman Merchant
Charlie Wolf Merchant
Jaden Yonover Iago (Closing)/Royal Harem (Opening)
Mini Yonover Proprietor (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)

Late Cast
Rehearsal from 6-8pm & Performing Saturday Nights and Sundays



Kristin Alba Royal Harem
Lauren Allmeyer Jewerlry Seller (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Chelsea Baehr Merchant
Lauren Baehr Merchant
Morgan Baltzell Palace Maiden
Brady Baltzell Guard
Stokley Berg Aladdin (Closing)/Prince Baba (Opening)
Austin Bulter Genie (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Katrina Bulter Proprietor (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Dana Butcher Proprietor (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Dillon Butler Jafar (Closing)/Guard (Closing)
Lauren Butler Jewerlry Seller (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Zoe Campbell Fruit Seller (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Cate Carlino Royal Harem
Christopher Cason Sultan (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Eva Cher Begger Child (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Addison Coggins Palace Maiden
Lexi Collins Shopkeeper 2 (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Helena Dorris Merchant
Abby Dougal Begger Child (Opening)/ Merchant (Closing)
Holly Erikson Shopkeeper 2 (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Aiden Espinoza Lieutenant Guard (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Kaleb Espinoza Guard
Abigail Fadeley Begger Child (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Lillian Fadeley Merchant
Drew Flanagan Merchant
Cade Frankson Jafar (Opening)/Guard (Closing
Pagie Gehringer Gazeema (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Traiyian Gordan Royal Harem
Lucy Greenbaum Royal Harem
Haley Hanni Royal Harem
Ashley Hooks Fruit Seller (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Cassandra Jaramillo Rajah (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Victoria Jaramillo Begger Child (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Arianna Jaramillo Royal Harem
Austin Kaye Abu (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Ashlee Kaye Nut Seller (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Ally Koppel Fish Seller (Opening)/Royal Harem (Closing)
Sadie Krotonsky Magic Carpet (Closing)/Royal Harem (Opening)
Dana Larson Shopkeeper 1 (Closing)/Royal Harem (Opening)
Ava Levine Merchant
Rachel Libby Merchant
Macie Logan Merchant
Carly Longbottom Merchant
Alexis Martin Royal Harem
Natasha Milligan Royal Harem
Tabitha Momeyer Shopkeeper 1 (Opening)/Merchant (Closing)
Victoria Morales Merchant
Rachal Nathan Merchant
Ross Nemeth Iago (Opening)/Guard (Closing)
Brady Newman Aladdin (Opening)/Prince Baba (Closing)
Talia Novack Iago (Closing)/Royal Harem (Opening)
Kylee Novack Rajah (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Ceili Olney Pottery Seller (Closing)/Palace Maiden (Opening)
Nora Palermo Gazeema (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Grace Pham Palace Maiden
Michelle Pittenger Royal Harem
Alek Rahman Jasmine (Closing)/Royal Harem (Opening)
Style Ranger Razoul (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Rachel Redleaf Genie (Opening)/Royal Harem
Ashley Rhoads Royal Harem
Tristan Rogers Razoul (Opening)/Guard (Closing)
Allie Rose Fish Seller (Closing)/Merchant (Opening)
Anabella Roseiglione Pottery Seller (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Eden Rothlalum Merchant
Mason Salem Prince Achmed (Closing)/Guard (Opening)
Megan Sawyer Royal Harem
Nicolette Sciortino Nut Seller (Opening)/Palace Maiden (Closing)
Sierra Smith Merchant
Libby Stiles Jasmine (Opening)/Royal Harem (Closing)
Erin Tarkington Royal Harem
Jaxson Wilcox Lieutenant Guard (Opening)/Guard (Closing)
Hudson Wilcox Prince Achmed (Opening)/Guard (Closing)
Emerson Wilcox Royal Harem
Mayson Woolf Abu (Opening)/Royal Harem (Closing)
Peyton Woolf Magic Carpet (Opening)/Royal Harem (Closing)
Jack Yampolsky Sultan (Opening)/Guard (Closing)