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School of Rock the Musical - Show Details

School of Rock the Musical

Friends of Desert Stages Auditions:
Saturday, April 1st
Solo auditions ages 8 and older
Group auditions ages 7 and younger
Please call the box office to schedule your appointment... 480-483-1664 option 1

Solo auditions 9:00 am - 1:00 pm *16-32 bars of a song and bring sheet music or karaoke-style CD
Group auditions 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Any "Friend" wishing to have an instrumental auditions please arrive at 2:00 pm

General Auditions:
Sunday, April 2nd
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Instrumental auditions
5:00 pm General auditions - you will be taught the audition song and dance at the auditions

**​I​f you are interested in auditioning f​o​r Katie, Zac​k​, Dewey, Lawrence , or Freddy you ​MUST come to musical instrument auditions.
If you would like to be considered for Zac​k​ or Dewey, please prepare any Guitar Solo
If you would like to be considered for Lawrence, please be very familiar with You're in the Band

If you are planning on auditioning to play the drums, guitar or keyboard, please prepare the following:
​(We will have drums and a keyboard, please bring guitar or bass)​

A verse ​and a chorus of any of the following 4 songs:
You're in the Band
Stick it to the Man
Time to Play
School of Rock

Based on the hit film, this hilarious new musical follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who decides to earn a few extra bucks by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. There he turns a class of straight-A students into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band. While teaching these pint-sized prodigies what it means to truly rock, Dewey falls for the school’s beautiful, but uptight headmistress, helping her rediscover the wild child within.

Cast List

Early Cast
Rehearsal from 4-6pm & Performing Friday Nights and Saturdays



Katie Aiello Ms. Bingham/Mrs. Turner
Kaser Alarcon Mr. Green/ Mr. Spencer
Amaar Alarcon Student Ensemble
Lily Allen Security Guard #2/Student Ensemble
Nolan Allen Ned Schneebly/Gabe Brown
Chloe Allen Security Guard #1/Student Ensemble
Jennifer ArangoMacias Shonelle (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Zachary Astrowsky Freddy Hamilton
Sarah Astrowsky Katie (C)/ Mr. Sanders/Mr. Sandford (O)
Gabby Astrowsky Summer Hathaway (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Katherine Baier Patty/Adult Ensemble (C) /Emo Girl/ Adult Ensemble (O)
Lauren Becker Ms. Gordon/ Mrs. Travis
Jannesa Bencomo Waitress/Student Ensemble (C)/Student Ensemble (O)
Elina (Elli) Beyer Student Ensemble
Gemma Booker Student Ensemble
Delaney Buchholz Snake/ Adult Ensemble
Chase Buchholz Stanley/ Mr. Hamilton/ Jeff Sanderson
Taya Burman Student Ensemble
Anna Buskirk Student Ensemble
Zoe Bustamante Student Ensemble
Madison Crespo Sophie (O)/Student Ensemble (C)
Sophia Cunningham Tomika (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Bennett Curran Zack Mooneyham
Lily Dahl Waitress/Student Ensemble (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Emma DelGhiaccio Marcy (O)/ Mr. Janes/Mr. Ward (C)
Owen Donsker Lawrence
Elsie Donsker Sophie (C)/Student Ensemble (O)
Ronin Feldman Student Ensemble
Olivia Feldman Summer Hathaway (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Kennedy Frakes Student Ensemble
Ava Ganz Student Ensemble
Asher Golub James
Isaac Greenland Dewey Finn
Adelina Grotenhuis Student Ensemble
Zane Gulick Student Ensemble
Zana Habul Student Ensemble
Sydney Hassler Tomika (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Sebastian Jablonski Mason/ Bob
Cate Johnson Student Ensemble
Autumn Jongert Student Ensemble
Olivia Jongert Student Ensemble
Holden Kaplan Student Ensemble
Austin Kaye Billy Sandford (O)/ Doug/Student Ensemble (C)
Laine Kenly Marcy (C)/ Mr. Janes/ Mr. Ward (O)
Caprice Kennedy Student Ensemble
Isabella Lipner Student Ensemble
Kennedy Mengedoth Katie (O)/ Mr. Sanders/Mr. Sandford (C)
Rachel Nathan Patty/Adult Ensemble (O) /Emo Girl/Adult Ensemble (C)
Brooke Nielsen Student Ensemble
Emma Nowicki Rosalie Mullins (C)/ Emo Girl/Mr. Mooneyham/Mr. Wagner (O)
Sophie Perlstein Madison (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Paige Presley Madison (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Kimaya Rao Student Ensemble
Lauren Reilly Mrs. Sheinkopf
Allison Rhee Shonelle (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Sophia Rowan Student Ensemble
Kali Lev Shaham Student Ensemble
Nathan Sullivan Mr. Williams
Katelyn Sullivan Student Ensemble
Jamie Villarreal Rosalie Mullins (O)/Emo Girl/Mr. Mooneyham/Mr. Wagner (C)
Briella Whallon Student Ensemble
Kaitlyn Whallon Student Ensemble
Lauren Youngstedt Adult Ensemble
Zach Zastrow Theo/Adult Ensemble
Xander Zeeb Billy Sandford (C)/ Doug/Student Ensemble (O)

Late Cast
Rehearsal from 6-8pm & Performing Saturday Nights and Sundays



Kara Armstrong Ms. Bingham/Ms. Turner
Ashlyn Beckman Summer Hathaway (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Madison Broughton Snake/ Adult Ensemble
Annie Bugbee Security Guard #1/Adult Ensemble
Baylee Clore Mrs. Macapugay/Mrs. Hamilton
Rylie Clore Student Ensemble
Paige Corbin Rosalie Mullins (C)/ Mr. Mooneyham/Mr. Wagner (O)
Petra Danek Madison (O)/Student Ensemble (C)
MarySue Dickens Marcy (O)/ Mr. Janes/Mr. Ward (C)
Abigail Dobrinick Adult Ensemble
Isabela Farmer-Bonilla Student Ensemble
Abigail Fontes Adult Ensemble
Dayna Hall Sophie (C)/Student Ensemble (O)
Ashlyn Hall Student Ensemble
Walter Hall Jr. Billy Sandford (C)/ Doug/Student Ensemble (O)
Michael Hasl Stanley/ Mr. Hamilton/ Jeff Sanderson
Jenna Hollerbach Marcy (C)/ Mr. Janes/Mr. Ward (O)
Jordan Koeppel James
Noelle Krugman Shonelle (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Tiffany LaVoie Security Guard #2/Student Ensemble
Macie Logan Shonelle (O)/Waitress/Adult Ensemble (C)
Nicholas Marcantonio Zack Mooneyham
Hannah McCarley Ms. Gordon/ Mrs. Travis
Hallie Merrill Student Ensemble
Tabitha Momeyer Katie (O)/ Mr. Sanders/Mr. Sandford (C)
Talia Novack Rosalie Mullins (O)/ Mr. Mooneyham/Mr. Wagner (C)
Kylee Novack Tomika (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Bo O'Brasky Billy Sandford (O)/Doug/Student Ensemble (C)
Eric Orson Lawrence
Brielle Quintana Summer Hathaway (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Style' Ranger Mason/ Bob
Ashley Rhoads Patty/ Adult Ensemble(O)/Adult Ensemble (C)
Allie Rose Emo Girl/Student Ensemble
Kaylin Sherrill Madison (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Declan Skaggs Freddy Hamilton
Hayden Skaggs Theo/Adult Ensemble (O)/ Mr. Noble/Mr. Williams (C)
Matthew Steward Ned Schneebly/Gabe Brown
Cassidy Veale Student Ensemble
Tyler Velarde Katie (C)/ Mr. Sanders/Mr. Sandford (O)
Matthew Villarreal Dewey Finn (C)/ Mr. Green/Mr. Spencer (O)
Jamie Villarreal Emo Girl/Student Ensemble
Brierly Wand Mrs. Sheinkopf
Hudson Wilbur Sophie (O)/Student Ensemble (C)
Macie Wilbur Tomika (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Jaxon Wilcox Theo/Adult Ensemble (C)/ Mr. Williams/Mr. Noble (O)
Christina Witt Patty/Adult Ensemble (C)/ Adult Ensemble (O)
Mylie Witt Student Ensemble
Jack Yampolsky Dewey Finn (O)/ Mr. Green/ Mr. Spencer (C)
Bridget Zatarga-Fronstin Student Ensemble

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